Sunpentown WC-20TL ThermoElectric 20-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Sunpentown WC-20TL Wine Cooler

If you want to keep your wines cool and ready for those grand occasions, but you’re limited for storage space then the Sunpentown WC-20TL ThermoElectric Wine Cooler could be the right wine chiller for your needs. This compact, free-standing model has a unique boxy design and a 20 bottle storage capacity.

Supentown are a manufacture which have a proven track record of producing reliable, energy efficient wine coolers so we usually endorse their products. It’s pretty rare to find a wine refrigerator with such positive consumer feedback as this one, particularly at the low-end of the market.

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Features of the Sunpentown WC-20TL ThermoElectric Wine Cooler

  • Capacity: 20 bottles
  • Temperature range: 54°F - 66°F
  • Slide-out interior shelves
  • Adjustable thermostat with LED temperature display
  • Reflective glass door featuring touch sensitive controls
  • Soft interior light
Compact, Sleek Design

The Sunpentown WC-20TL features a contemporary, sleek, low-key design with its black cabinet and smart looking, reflective glass door. At the top of the door, a touch sensitive thermostat is present with an LED display which shows the chillers temperature level, giving you convenient access to change the temperature setting without needing to open the door.

Quietly Operates and uses Low Energy

This appliance uses thermoelectric cooling so it operates very quietly, emitting a noise level of just 30 dBA. The temperature range is pretty limited with a range of 54 to 66°F, so it doesn’t get cool enough to store certain bottles well that require low temperatures such as white wine or Champaign.

As a wine cooler is on 24/7 its level of power consumption is important. This unit draws only 1.0 kWH of power per day which makes it very energy efficient.


Inside the cooler are five slide-out shelves which can store 20 Bordeaux style wine bottles. We’re a bit disappointed that the shelves can’t fit Burgundy style bottles, but you can fit a couple in on each shelf by storing them at an angle. The interior light is controllable by a button on the door opposed to the usual way of the door opening.

Pros and Cons of the Sunpentown WC-20TL


Compact, stylish, very quiet, consumes low energy and maintains temperature consistently.


It can only fit Bordeaux style wine bottles or similarly sized bottles if you want to make full use of its 20 bottle capacity.

The machine doesn’t remember the settings in the event of a power outage, so the temperature resets to its default setting of 52 °F. Keep this in mind if you live in an area with regular power failures.

Final Thoughts

For a compact wine chiller, the Sunpentown WC-20TL is an admired choice. It’s quiet, nice looking, compact and renowned for its reliability. Its main drawback is its limitation on which sized bottles it can store, so if you intend to mainly store wines larger than regular Bordeaux bottles then we’d advise you to look elsewhere.

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