Spt Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler with Heating Review

Spt Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler

The Spt Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler is an entry-level 21 bottle wine chiller that features dual zones so it provides you with the advantage of being able to cool different types of wine without getting a separate appliance. If you’re on the lookout for an affordable medium sized wine cooler this might just suit your lifestyle.

Our research shows that consumer reaction to this wine refrigerator from Spt is very mixed so we recommend you read our full review before considering it.

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Features of the Spt Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler

  • Capacity: 18 standard bottles
  • Digital controls featuring dual LED temperature displays
  • Thermoelectric technology
  • Six slide-out shelves
  • Double paned insulated glass door
  • Soft interior lighting
Exterior Design

We like the sleek black styling of this wine cooler. The glass door is double-paned to provide insulation to retain a steady temperature level inside the unit. The door features a long silver handle which looks elegant and provides easy door entry. The glass isn’t UV protected so we advise that you store the appliance away from direct sunlight to prevent your wines getting spoilt by ultraviolet rays.

Digital Controls

User-friendly digital controls are located at the top of the door, featuring large buttons to give you easy control over the functions. There are two LED temperature displays so you can easily monitor the current temperature for both zones.

Quiet and Eco-friendly

Thermoelectric cooling technology has become an increasingly popular method of cooling in modern wine chillers due to its near silent operation and eco-friendly benefits. It also means that no vibrations are produced, which many wine experts assert can ruin wines.

Dual Zone

If you’re a serious wine collector then you’ll need to store certain wines at different temperature levels from each other so they are kept at their optimal temperature. Red and white wines are a common example of wines which need to be cooled at different temperatures. The dual zone compartments in this wine cooler allow you to do this.

Six slide-out wire shelves are included which are easy to remove and provide secure holding of bottles. The unit has a total capacity of 18 standard (750ml) bottles, which equates to 58 litres. The bottom zone can store up to 12 bottles with a temperature range of 51-64 degrees Fahrenheit. The upper zone can store up to 6 bottles with a temperature range of 44-64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pros and Cons of the Spt Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler


Spt have produced a sharp looking, large capacity, quiet wine cooler which has the benefits of dual zone compartments.


Several reports from consumers on sites such as Home Depot say they’ve experienced problems with the controls not functioning within less than 2 years of ownership.

Final Thoughts

Without doubt, the Spt Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler does come at an attractive price for its capacity and the range of features and functionality it offers. However, quality issues with the controls prevent it from being a product we can recommend. We advise you to look elsewhere if you need a medium-sized dual zone wine cooler.

Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler Review

Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler

When it comes to storing wine, it’s important to get a wine cooler you can rely on. Vinotemp have been in this industry for over two decades and have cemented themselves as a respected manufacture of wine storage products. The Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler is a freestanding touch screen wine cooler with a 15 bottle capacity.

Like all Vinotemp appliances, this model from their Butler Series has the styling down to a tee, but does it match this with substance? Read on as we find out.

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Features of the Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler

  • Capacity: 15 bottles
  • Temperature range: 39-65 degrees F
  • Touchscreen front control panel
  • Dual-paned glass door
  • Wire racking plus small lower storage space
Sleek, sophisticated styling

The exterior design of this wine refrigerator is easy on the eye and neutral enough to look good in any style of kitchen. The black cabinet contrasts perfectly with the tinted glass door that has a nicely integrated recessed handle. To ensure the door remains firmly shut, it features a magnetic seal. Adjustable feet are located at the bottom of the appliance which allows you to level the unit if your storage surface isn’t perfectly flat.


The storage setup for this model isn’t typically what you’ll find in a 15 bottle wine cooler. The flexible storage allows you to store large bottles upright in the bottom storage space or store standard sized bottles flat down on the upper removable racks.

Touchscreen Controls

Operating the Vinotemp VT-15TS is easy and convenient due to the exterior touchscreen control panel. You can control the temperature level between ranges of 39°-65°F plus control the interior light. The panel also features a safety lock so you can prevent anyone changing the temperature setting when you’re not around.

Pros and Cons of the Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler


The Vinotemp VT-15TS has its styling spot on and is very user-friendly to operate. In addition, the versatile bulk storage is a great design which allows you to store larger bottles of wine in an upright position.


This wine cooler uses a compressor so expect to hear a humming noise at certain intervals whilst it’s doing its thing.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a drinker of wines which come in larger than regular bottles, but you only have enough space for a compact wine cooler then the Vinotemp VT-15TS 15 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler is worthy of strong consideration. Vinotemp got things near perfect with this cooler. The only drawback is really the noise which the compressor makes, but it isn’t too irritating.

Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator Review

Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

The Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator is a step-up in class from your regular compact wine cooler. Its premium features such as its powerful compressor and distinctive stainless steel styling allows you to cool a wide variety of wines in true style. For many, the main stand out appeal of this wine refrigerator is its front ventilation which gives you the flexibility of fitting the unit flush against your cabinet or using it freestanding.

In this review we’ll analyze the feature set of this model and reveal whether it’s as magnificent as the hype would suggest.

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Features of the Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

  • Capacity: 19 bottles
  • Tempered double pane gray-smoked glass provides UV protection
  • Digital LED temperature control
  • Soft interior LED light
  • Powerful compressor cooling system
  • 6 removable flat slide out chrome shelves
  • Auto defrost
  • Security lock and key
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
Stylish and Versatile

Whynter have done a great job on the styling with this model. It features a black cabinet and stainless steel door with a robust L-bar handle. The door has tempered glass which is double-paned and grey-smoked to provide you a superior level of UV protection so your wines won’t get affected by harmful UV rays.

As this wine refrigerator has been designed with front ventilation you can store it flush against your kitchen cabinet to maximize the use of space. Alternatively, it can be used as a free-standing appliance if you prefer.

Compressor Based

The compressor cooling system gives you a wide temperature range between 40°F - 65°F. The internal fan provides good air circulation so the temperature is even throughout every area of the unit. Compressor cooling systems are slightly louder than thermoelectric-based systems, but they provide the added advantage of keeping the temperature more stable and can generally cool to a lower temperature.


Upon opening the door you have access to the digital control panel at the top of the unit. This allows you to power the appliance, control the interior LED lighting and set the internal temperature setting using UP and DOWN buttons which increase or decrease the temperature in 1°F/°C increments when pressed. The temperature is displayed on a blue LED readout on the panel.

Six removable chrome shelves are located inside the unit which can slide out with ease. The bottom shelve has the highest capacity and can store up to 4 bottles. The upper shelves have a capacity of 3 bottles although if the optional humidifying tray is installed on the top shelf then its capacity is reduced to 2 bottles.

Humidity Control

Humidity is an important factor in wine storage to ensure that your wine doesn't dry out. A small humidity control box is included which can optionally be placed on the top shelf inside the chiller.


The option to keep your wines under lock and key is a feature we really like. If you have children then this feature will be particularly very useful for keeping your bottles secure and out of reach.

Pros and Cons of the Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator


The Whynter BWR-18SD has elegant styling and boasts a small footprint for its 19 bottle maximum capacity. Build quality is second to none. The front ventilation is highly beneficial if you want the space efficiency of under-counter storage.

The compressor system allows the cooler to reach temperatures as low as 40°F so you can store wines which require lower temperatures to reach their full taste.


As this uses a compressor-based cooling system, it’s noisier than a thermoelectric wine cooler.

Final Thoughts

The cost of the Whynter BWR-18SD Wine Refrigerator would suggest its real quality and it proves to be just that. Its narrow compact size, front ventilation and high cooling efficiency really make this a great choice for those with limited space that need to store a good variety of wines, but don’t keep a large collection.

Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

Avanti have built up a considerable presence in the home appliance industry for a span of almost 40 years and are renowned for delivering quality and value with their products. The Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler is a compact budget wine refrigerator that boasts a unique style. Its 16 bottle capacity makes it a worthy candidate for those looking for a compact wine chiller that still has a reasonable bottle capacity.

So how does the Avanti EWC1601B measure up in comparison to the many compact wine coolers in the market? We get to the bottom of this during this review.

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Features of the Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Capacity: 16 bottles
  • Thermoelectric Technology
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Pull-out Chrome Shelves
  • Soft Interior Lighting
  • Thermopane Glass Door (reversible)
Cool in Style

The all black styling of this wine refrigerator is a refreshing change from regular stainless steel chillers we often see. The recessed door handle provide easy opening of the door without looking obtrusive. The thermopane glass door is reversible so you have the flexibility of opening the chiller door at the side which is most convenient for you.

Runs Quietly

The last thing you want is for your wine refrigerator to be gurgling noisily all day and night. This isn’t a problem with the Avanti EWC1601B due to the use of Thermoelectric cooling. As this technology uses solid state components it has a high level of reliability in addition to not producing harmful vibrations that can affect sensitive wines.


There are four slide-out chrome wine racks inside the door which can hold 4 standard-sized wine bottles per rack. A soft interior light brightens up the interior nicely so you have a good view of your wines. The light is controllable via a switch located on the temperature control box inside the top right of the unit, so you can still have the light on even whilst the door is closed. The temperature control allows you to regulate the chillers temperature from 51 to 62°F so you can select the ideal temperature for the type(s) of wine you are storing.

Pros and Cons of the Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler


The Avanti EWC1601B has a sleek, subtle look and is remarkably compact for a 16 bottle chiller. It’s quiet and very easy to operate using its user-friendly interior controls. The chrome shelves allow for very easy removable of bottles. Energy efficiency is another of its strong points due to its cooling system.


Some consumers have reported that their unit has broken down within 2-3 years of ownership, so durability is a concern. However, some consumers have owned theirs for over 5 years and had no problems so the reliability of this wine refrigerator seems to be hit and miss.

Final Thoughts

This is a nice compact wine cooler from Avanti who are well respected manufacture. It offers excellent value for its features and ample capacity. The Avanti EWC1601B isn’t the most reliable compact wine refrigerator in the market based on consumer usage trends, but we feel that for its price its worth going for especially for those who are on a budget.

Wine Enthusiast Silent 12 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Review

Wine Enthusiast Silent 12 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Wine Cooler Reviews looks at a wine chiller now that might just appeal to those wine enthusiasts out there who like to drink their wine a lot faster than their collection grows. The Wine Enthusiast Silent 12 Bottle Wine Refrigerator is a compact model designed to store up to twelve bottles and cools them almost silently.

Consumers are very pleased with the styling, quiet operation, and temperature precision of this compact wine cooler. However, a few negative aspects have been brought to light, those of which we will discuss later in this review.

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Features of the Wine Enthusiast Silent 12 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

  • Capacity: 12 bottles
  • Stainless steel trim door
  • 50-66°F temperature range
  • Digital controls
  • 3 slide-out chrome shelves
  • Interior LED light
Contemporary Style

The style of this wine refrigerator is clean, contemporary and minimalistic so it’s ideal to have in a kitchen amongst other modern appliances. The black exterior combines well with the stainless trim door which features strong thermopane glass and a recessed handle which adds to its subtle appearance.

Exterior Controls

The exterior digital controls provide user-friendly control over the current temperature and the interior LED lighting. The temperature range is very good for a compact wine chiller, enabling you to set a range between 50-66°F.


There are three chrome shelves inside which can slide-out if required. Each shelve can hold up to four regular 740 ml wine bottles. Thicker bottles can squeeze in, but usually require you to take out one of the shelves.

Thermoelectric Technology

Thermoelectric cooling is a quieter and more eco-friendly alternative to compressors, giving you ultra quiet cooling and minimal vibration so this appliance won’t cause any noise irritation or affect your fine wines.

Pros and Cons of the Wine Enthusiast Silent 12 Bottle Wine Refrigerator


Good styling, good build quality, quiet, uses space very efficient and reaches the desired temperature quickly.


Tall bottles cannot fit in due to the limited depth of the unit. Also some bottles with a wider diameter require a shelf to be removed to fit in due to the close height spacing of the shelving, which reduces the capacity to 9 bottles.

Final Thoughts

The Wine Enthusiast Silent 12 Bottle Wine Refrigerator is a great looking compact wine cooler which is both quiet and energy efficient. The only caveat is that the shelving is tight so bottles thicker than regular 750ml bottles such as Burgundy or Pinot Noir cannot fit without removing a shelf.

If you’re fine with having a reduced bottle capacity or you only need to store regular 750ml wines then we recommend this wine refrigerator.

NewAir AW121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review

NewAir AW121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Now we turn our attention to one of NewAir’s smallest wine coolers, the NewAir AW121E. This compact appliance is designed to accommodate up to a dozen standard wine bottles and does so in some style. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen and keep your small collection of wines cool enough for your evening meal, this model might be just what you’re looking for.

NewAir’s wine refrigerators have value, style and user friendliness high up on their list of aspects admired by consumers so they are generally considered a good choice by many.

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Features of the NewAir AW121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

  • Capacity: 12 bottles
  • Digital temperature control
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Chrome-plated shelves

Premium Styling

The NewAir AW121E offers bold, elegant styling that will blend in well with any contemporary decor in your home. The sleek black cabinet contrasts nicely with the stainless steel door trim, while inside the chrome plated shelves and blue interior light does wonder’s to add to its overall visual appeal.

The length and width of this wine chiller is a mere 19.5" x 14", so it has a footprint small enough to fit in tight spaces, although you should ensure the area which you store it has adequate ventilation first.

Front Controls

The top of the door trim features basic push button controls which allow you to change the coolers temperature from a range of 54-66° F and control the interior light. A blue LED displays readout of the temperature so you can easily monitor the current temperature setting.

Thermoelectric Technology

The thermoelectric cooling lets you say goodbye to noisy gurgling cooling systems and have some quiet as the chiller does its job. As there is next to no vibrations created with this cooling system, your wines are kept in peak condition.


Inside the door there are three removable metal racks which can hold up to three standard-sized bottles on each rack plus three bottles on the bottom, taking the total capacity to twelve bottles. The blue interior lighting looks fantastic and creates a nice ambiance especially in the evening when having a candle lit dinner.

Pros and Cons of the NewAir AW121E


The NewAir AW121E is attractive, compact, runs quietly, easy to use and efficient at keeping cool.


Non standard-sized bottles will not fit in unless you either remove a rack or put them at the bottom of the chiller.

Final Thoughts

We’re pretty impressed at what the NewAir AW121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler has to offer. It’s stylish, small and runs like a dream. If you need a compact, low capacity wine chiller that can store regular sized (750ml) bottles then this is a great one to go for especially in terms of value. Keep in mind that storing thicker sized bottles will lower the stated 12 bottle capacity however.

NewAir AW-210ED Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review

NewAir AW-210ED Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The NewAir AW-210ED Wine Cooler from Air & Water incorporates several distinguishable features that have made it a popular choice amongst many wine enthusiasts who are looking for an affordable way to efficiently store their wines. This wine chiller has a 21 bottle capacity, sleek modern styling, thermoelectric technology and features dual temperature zones for those who like wines of different variety and want to store them together.

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Features of the NewAir AW-210ED Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

  • Capacity: 21 bottles
  • Compact, freestanding design
  • LED Display; Interior LED light
  • Dual temperature zones
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • Chrome plated racks

Stylish and Convenient

The attractive, elegant design of the NewAir AW-210ED is one of its main points of interest. The bold black housing and sleek chrome handle on the door creates a classy appearance and the soft interior blue light creates a nice ambiance and gives you a reasonable interior view of the bottles racked up.

Touch button controls are situated at the front of the unit to give you convenient control over the interior lighting and temperature levels.

Dual Zone Capability

If you like red wine, but your other half likes white wine or vice versa, then you’re going to have a problem storing them at the right temperature with many wine coolers. This isn't a problem with the AW-210ED due to its dual temperature zones which allow you to set different temperature ranges for the two zones which are separated into two separate doors.

Quietly does it

As thermoelectric cooling technology is used opposed to a noisy compressor, the chiller operates almost silently and is free from unwanted vibrations so those sensitive sediments in your finest bottles of wine won’t get disturbed.


Inside there are six removable wine racks which can accommodate up to 21 standard-sized bottles of wine (up to 6 bottles in the upper zone and up to 15 bottles in the lower). Due to the style of the metal racks, you can store larger, wider bottles although the fit is a bit tight so they are a bit more awkward to slide out of the rack.

Pros and Cons of the NewAir AW-210ED


The NewAir AW-210ED has great styling and a small footprint for its decent bottle capacity. Dual temperature zones maintain a consistent temperature once set. Setup is easy and the unit is very low maintenance.

It runs quietly, similar to a computer so it’s fine for keeping in a dining room or anywhere where you regularly are.


The rack can accommodate lengthy bottles, but thicker bottles such as magnum bottles are more awkward to fit in.

No built-in power outage protection, so we wouldn’t recommend this model to our readers who frequently get power outages.

Final Thoughts

When scouring around for an affordable 21 bottle dual zone wine cooler, we couldn’t find one better than the NewAir AW-210ED. Its looks certainly give it an appearance of a higher-end cooler while its features and efficiency level match-up well to deliver overall a fine machine.